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Summer is Here! Your Guide to the Perfect Burkini

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What could be better than relaxing on the beach with your sisters? Relaxing in your stylish new burkini, of course! This summer, make a splash in swimwear that shows off your sporty side while adhering to your contemporary modest lifestyle.

The Summer Burkini

The burkini, a combination of the words burqa and bikini, was invented by an Australian sister named Aheda Zanetti who originally designed the suit for her niece so she could comfortably play watersports. The burkini gained worldwide attention in 2006 when an organization called Surf Lifesaving Australia introduced a program to integrate Muslim boys and girls, and a young Muslim girl competed in a burkini. The groundbreaking new suit can now provide comfortable, stylish swimwear for Muslim sisters everywhere.


IDH & The Burkini

Here at Islamic Design House, we’ve adapted the burkini into styles that fit every personality and modesty preference. Whether you prefer a floral burkini to show off your feminine side, or solids and clean lines for a sporty burkini look, we’ve got you covered (literally!). Our suits consist of slimming blacks and gray with pops of color and are made with 80 percent nylon which makes them breathable, lightweight and moisture-wicking for fast drying. We’ve also got sizing options for every fit and body type, so if you prefer a looser fit just go with a size up! Check out our size guide for more details.

We’ve designed this swimwear with our sisters in mind. Our suits have two side buttons that attach the top and bottom piece and the separate headpiece attaches to the top, so no matter how active you get, you can rest assured that your modesty is secure. This is perfect for those who love to swim and surf.



Whether you’re swimming laps or just lounging in the sun, Islamic Design House has the perfect burkini for your modest lifestyle.


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