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The Story Behind the Brand You Know and Love

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Welcome to Islamic Design House! Have a seat, we’ll put the tea on, and then we’d like to tell you a story. But not just any old story, our story…

Back in ancient times, there was a famous network called the silk route that connected silk traders from China and spice traders from India with merchants in the West who desired the soft, luxurious fabric and the rich, aromatic flavours. This trade route also led to the exchange of new thoughts, understandings and experiences, which set the stage for the rich, diverse culture that we have today.

And so, one of our top brands, Silk Route, found its name. It’s the wonderful blend of East meets West that we love and we try to embody that in every garment we design. We know that our sisters, whether they are our mothers, friends or other loved ones, deserve the highest quality of modest fashion, so that’s what we deliver. Islamic Design House and Silk Route are experts in pairing the traditions of the Islamic faith with contemporary designs that fit every personality, size and modesty preference.

Whether you’re looking to make a statement at a get-together with a bold and colourful hijab or you want a comfortable-yet-hip denim jilbab for running errands, we’ve got you covered. When you’re on holiday whether it be Turkey, Morocco, or even Malaysia it would be the perfect time to go for a swim in your sporty new burkini. You’ve earned it (and frankly, we’re all a little jealous).



Born in London, we are a British brand that fully embraces the creativity and cultural diversity of this fashion capital. We keep up with all the latest Western style trends and incorporate them into designs that are fresh, contemporary and always modest. We begin our designs with sensible and unassuming silhouettes and pair them with fresh, fun and colorful patterns, prints and fabrics, that our sisters love. We know exactly how to make you look your best.



Take it from us, you look beautiful. Now it’s time to accessories!


Islamic Design House


1 Response
  • Amber
    25 . 12 . 2018

    I got this denim abaya of you and can’t count the number of praises and admiring eyes on it
    Very detailed design, excellent quality , Stylish yet modest
    Thanks 🤗👍

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